Call Me now at 1 866 515 3101

You can find me on yahoo as irondomdick4u  


*20 minute blocks for $2.00 per minute*


There is a 10 minute minimum for each call.
Single-Girl Rates:
10 minutes for $25.00
15 minutes for $37.50
20 minutes for $40.00
30 minutes for $60.00
45 minutes for $90.00
60 minutes for $120.00

Two-Girl Rate: $3.50 per minute (with a 10 minute minimum).

International Rate: $3.50 per minute (with a 10 minute minimum).

International Two-Girl Rate: $5.50 per minute (with a 10 minute minimum).

**Tips are accepted, not expected but greatly appreciated!!!**

If you would like to buy my sexy panties from me baby. Just let me know. 25$ plus 5$ shipping.

Your credit card will be discreetly billed
as GT Bill or RKM Consultants 
We accept the following credit cards:

Mail Prepayments to...

RM Consultants

Po Box 3962

Huntington Beach, Ca 92605



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My name is Marcello....
Here is what I want to do to you...when you call me!
I want to take control of your mind and body by bringing you to your knees and begging me for more. Whatever your fetish or fantasy is, I will
bring you to your limit and beyond until I have control of all of you.
I will challenge your every sexual need and desire always going just a little further than your limits to satisfy me.
I want you to experience how it feels for me to take control of you and make you beg to please me in every way and
in whatever way I choose. If you decide not to cooperate... you will be severly punished until you release complete and total control
to me.
Specialties but not limited to.....
CBT,Castration,Cuckold Fantasies,Spankings,Wallet Raping,Foced Feminization,Chastity,Forced Masturbation,Orgasim Denial, Orgasim Control,Ice Play,Fisting and Stretching "you not me",Adult Baby Training, Humiliation,Financial Domination,Shopping Trips,Fantasy Roleplaying... I have no limits.....

No Taboos