Mistress Miranda

Call Me now at 1 866 514 7516

You can find me on yahoo as callmistressmiranda  

*20 minute blocks for $2.00 per minute*


There is a 10 minute minimum for each call.
Single-Girl Rates:
10 minutes for $25.00
15 minutes for $37.50
20 minutes for $40.00
30 minutes for $60.00
45 minutes for $90.00
60 minutes for $120.00

Two-Girl Rate: $3.50 per minute (with a 10 minute minimum).

International Rate: $3.50 per minute (with a 10 minute minimum).

International Two-Girl Rate: $5.50 per minute (with a 10 minute minimum).

**Tips are accepted, not expected but greatly appreciated!!!**

If you would like to buy my sexy panties from me baby. Just let me know. 25$ plus 5$ shipping.

Your credit card will be discreetly billed
as GT Bill or RKM Consultants 
We accept the following credit cards:

Mail Prepayments to...

RM Consultants

Po Box 3962

Huntington Beach, Ca 92605


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Hello you pathetic little man....

You have made your way into the land of twisted dominant fetishes. You've found your phone sex domina. There is absolutely NO turning back. This is not a place for the weak of heart. Although, in comparison to me, you are all weak submissives. You're nothing more than a pathetic little submissive to me now. It all starts here... it ends with you begging, crying, pleading...or begging for more and begging to cum for ME or all of the above.

Financial Domination of course is a girls best friend loser boy ~ wicked evil grin ~

You are weak and I am strong.

It is that simple.

You want to pay to be less pathetic, less weak but I just laugh.

You will never have my strength. Go ahead! Send me a gift card, empty my wish list, drain your wallet. You will still be weak and you will still be under my control.

Go ahead, keep going. Take a second job to pay more. Sell your house, your car. Ask for a raise at work. Cut back and be frugal and make your wife cut coupons

You are here for only MY amusement.

So learn to try to please ME.

I am a strong domina.

I will own your damn pathetic ass.

I know all roleplays and all fetishes.

They are all welcome.

But using loser boys like pay pigs, just turns me on so bad to be spoiled like the Goddess I am.

Now get on your knees naked and give ME a  call!

Learn to serve ME and my dominant ways and my hot sexy voice and my pefect body, boy!!!

Your new domina,

Mistress Miranda

My Specialties...

Cruel Pain Sessions
Controlled Orgams
Forced Masturbation
Forced Ass Play
Forced 2 Suck Cock
Forced Feminization
Strap On Worship
Pussy Worship
Nipple Torture
Cuckold Fantasies
Wallet Raping
All Fetish Roleplays

No Taboos